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Excited! Thought I'd share!

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Gin and I have been accepted to a summer/fall program with Adele Yunck!!!

There are just 6 teams invited after filling out an application and an interview, this is the first time Adele met Gin. I've been told we are the youngest team accepted (Gin is just 10 months) and also that Gin is the only female and that we are among 3 flat coats, a NSDT and a Standard Poodle.

This is obedience/field/tracking/agility and runs 2 hours a day, 3 days a week through October. That means 9 hours a week of driving, which is the only downfall (and means I will have to curb the summer showing way down!).

The exact email I received to confirm:

'After spending countless hours going through more than 75 applications, we're very proud to say that you and your little Gin have been accepted and we anticipate working with the both of you to develop your girl's potential. We begin June 29, be dressed to work in the field.'
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That sounds like fun!! :) Go Gin!! :D
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