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Ever start a project and its like opening a can of worms!

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DH and I have decided that since we won't be putting the house on the market for a while :whatever:, that we would continue updating a few things! So we/I decided I wanted to update all the woodwork in the house :surprise: Now since we have updated the Kitchen, Dining room and living room, one would think it wouldn't be that big of a job, aww well it is!!! I have worked 5-6 hours the last 2 days and have just started! The house was built in 76 and had all dark maple wood, we are going white with everything, I know many don't like this, but it has so brightened the rooms we have already done, and we do still have wood work in all the window, since DH does wood work he has just replaced the old with the new- I'll post a picture of Sammi looking out the window so you can get the idea! Anyway, I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow and getting some rest :laugh: :laugh:

The window picture didn't show quite the contrast so i posted a picture of the cabinet re-do in the bathroom- you can see the old wood there!
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Are you replacing it all, or refinishing it? It's a big job, either way.
Oh I definitely prefer white baseboards and trim!

Can't wait to see picture.
AmazonGold said:
Are you replacing it all, or refinishing it? It's a big job, either way.
Replaceing, refinishing and painting :laugh: The painting is a coat of primer and at least 2 coats of paint! We have 8 doors with trim, 4 windows left, a hall closet/cabinet and all the baseboard will be replace! :surprise: Oh yeah and the cabinets in the master bath!! I added the photo's which might give you an idea of before and after!
Oh can I relate! This house was built around 1877 and boy when we start a project we never know what we will get into! Then you have the "might as well". As in when we needed to replace toilet, so pull it up and see that some of the sub floor needs replaced, so that means we need to replace vinyl and the baseboard split when removing it, so it needs replaced and on and on!
I know exactly what you mean. We're doing all of our flooring and baseboard trim. Now all the door jams and doors look like crap. So I'm thinking next we'll replace all of those (haven't told the hubby yet). Then it will have to be the kitchen cupboards and counter and then the bathroom sinks, it never stops.
It looks great! We have so many projects that need doing, it makes me want to cry because they're all pricey ones.
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