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Even MORE DockDogs in July: Washington, Missouri, New York, Iowa

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Plenty of dock diving all around the country in July. If you live anywhere near these places, come on out and see some high flyin' dogs! Or better yet, bring your dog out to give it a try.

Cayuga (Union Springs), New York (July 3-5)

Troy, Missouri (July 14-18) Sally and Hoppy will be jumping at this event!!!!

Leon, Iowa (July 17-19)

Mill Creek, Washington (July 18-19)
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We're in Missouri!! Man Lucky would LOVE to give that a try, but we'll have to wait until next summer to try that out since she just had surgery. :(
When will she be recovered? They're having another one in Wentzville in August (I think...might be September.)

Anyway, why don't you come out and see the action at the Lincoln County Fair anyway. Sally and Hoppy and I would love to meet you!
She's not allowed any jumping/running for 6-8 weeks.

I'll definitely try to drag Shane out there...or if he drags his feet to much I just might leave him at home! I'd love to see Sally and Hoppy and meet you too!!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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