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Essentials for a new puppy...

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We pick up our new puppy on the 23rd of January, he will be 7 1/2 weeks old, I just wanted to ask what you think are the essential items that I need to buy: I am definatley getting a crate prior to his arrival,a second bed for when he is at my partners office during the day,a puppy pen, 2 sets of bowls,collar,lead and toys-what are the best toys?

I have already got a puppy kong,a teething puppy bone, and a couple of stuffed toys... anything else that would make life easier for the pup for the first few nights he is away from his littermates?
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Congrats!! DO NOT give him any stuffies unless he's supervised, and watch out for the squeekers - choking hazard.

I've had nothing but Kongs and Nylabones for all 3 of mine since day 1. They outlast everything and can go safely in the crate with them during the day. Make sure they are the "original" ones though.

What's the pups name?
find out what the breeder is feeding and get some of that to start off with.

in fact, most breeders I know/have talked to have a pretty good list on stuff to get ready for hte pup, give them a shout and ask.

i agree with the above, no stuffies unless supervised. and don't go crazy with the toys until you know how big of a chewer he is and what he enjoys - you may end up with alot of toys that are either chewed in 10 secods or do not get touched!

get a cleaner that deoderize as well as cleans accidents (nature's miracle is one I believe) as household cleaners do not always do a great job (leave an ordor the dog can smell and will encourage them to go again)

some training treats (maybe ask the breeder if they recommend any to start with), small things or things easy to break, with few ingredients.

some books on training

ask around for recommendations on good training classes ad call/go to the website to see when classes begin (some you have to sign-up pretty early in advance so it is NOT too early to be looking)

if not already done, start asking about vets nearby for recommendations
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No "greenies", no rawhide, no pigs ears or similar animal product chewies. Swizzle sticks might be OK when he is older - but none of this stuff is appropriate for a puppy - filled with fat and who knows what kind of preservative. And generally - they get wolfed down so fast by Labs that they are choking hazards.

Don't go crazy with leashes and collars - he will grow out of the puppy size in no time at all. One of each is fine.

A simple brush (like a Zoom Groom) is a good idea - you need to start when the pup is small to get him used to being groomed. And - grooming is a great bonding experience!
oh yes I forgot all about the dog brush!!! as far as his name goes-we are thinking of calling him Hudson :)
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