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Enough Excitement

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I am just starting to quit shaking after getting in the creek to pull that rotten little JRT from under the bank. Not sure if cold or just scared witless. She had something cornered in there - muskrat or a ground hog - and was not about to give up. I was in up to mid thigh and the temp is 25 degrees here today. She has finally quit shaking; she must have been in the water for 15 minutes. Her gums have pinked up, so that is a good sign.

I brought her in and showered her with warm water to warm her and clean off some of the debris. She was in under some tree roots. I see she has a small tear on her ear and a shallow puncture on her snout.

Does anyone know if muskrat growl? The cornered critter definitely growled.
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oh my, I feel your pain of owning a terrier. I am glad Jalapeno is okay. You must have had quite a scare.

Cricket has cornered a porcupine twice, this last time in December, we had to pull her out of the hole in the stonewall. She wasn't going to give up on her own. Face full of quills. Couple hundred dollars to fix her up.

I have seen muskrats hide under the tree roots at the banks of the river/streams/ponds. I betcha that is what it was.

Don't you love going to get them out of a confrontation and you don't know exactly what the heck they have cornered?
I would imagine any cornered critter would growl. Glad you are both okay and calming down/warming up.
Yikes! Glad everyone is ok, and hope you warm up soon.
Yikes!! That must have been scary. I'm glad both of you are okay. :happy:
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