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UPDATE: Ender's surgery went perfectly. His tooth socket is all sewn up and he'll be able to eat regularly right away!

Well Ender's Mom has been bugging me to update everyone on Ender so here ya go.

Ender's doing great after his triple lumpectomy. Hair is coming back slowly from his shaven side. No signs of the lumps returning, and I got my insurance check in the mail the other day so YAY!!! Also, during his latest round of annual shots, the vet said that he was one of the healthiest labs and had perfect body shape he's seen in quite a while, which according to the receptionist was a major compliment coming from that particular vet. Unfortunately, he has to go in again tomorrow to get his front tooth removed after colliding with a German Shepard at the park before I left for Istanbul a couple weeks ago.

Doc said it should be removed so it doesn't get ingrown, or something...can't remember what. So another $1000 later, he'll have that taken care of.

Other than that, he's doin' good. Went swimming in Rock Creek Park and was dad's wingman (way to go little buddy!) So I'll take some pics next time we head out there and post them.

Staring down a steak. I actually left him alone with it for a few minutes and he didn't touch it

"What...this is how I sit..."

Cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin

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