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Emma is home!

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She's getting medicines: anti inflammatory and pain relief and antibiotic. She will take those through the weekend and then go back to the hospital for ultrasound on Monday. I hope she doesn't need surgery. BUT if it's the best for her we'll go with that. What I have heard of Pyometra surgery is pretty much the only way to go, while medications don't give a good result, long term.

Can't tell who got more exited to see the other, me or Emma :D. She got all wiggly and happy and whiny! It was great spring weather and we just took a long walk :) She's acting like normal and right now she's sleeping right next to me. Awwww I have missed my girl so much and obviously she me. I didn't get too much sleep last night. Keep waking up and looking in her bed or next to me... I was 16 the first time we met and she's been right next to me through half my teenage years and as long as I have been adult... Can't imagine life without her. I was so lost and depressed without her yesterday. Just so thrilled to have her home again :).

Thank you everybody for your good thoughts and prayers. We both appreciate it very much!
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Glad to hear she is home and apparentmy feeling a bit better. They do become part of us, don't they?
I got goosebumps when I read about your reunion. :) I love sweet Emma.
sooooooooooooooo happy you are together again!!!!
Glad you're back together again!! Hope she does well on the meds.

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Sounds like a great time for the two of you! So glad it's working out okay. Sally, Spud, and Hoppy send big sloppy kisses to that sweet Emma. ;)
Oh, I am so glad you have been reunited. :) Prayers and good thoughts that surgery isn't necessary and Emma will be just fine.
Glad she's where she should be, right by your side:)
I'm gald to hear she's home with you!! that's great news!
Welcome back home, sweet Emma! Here's hoping that the medicines do the trick.
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