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Four years ago we decided to add another to our bunch and found Eddie at the Humane Society. He was an owner surrender, she needed surgery and could not take care of him anymore.

He has turned into a lover - loves to give kisses and get hugs. He will sit beside me every evening with my arm around him and place his chin under mine for his hug.

He has learned that veggies aren't that bad - will eat green beans in his food but will spit carrots out.

He has learned that rolled up papers are not used as weapons in our house, they don't exist here.

He has learned that men are not mean, neither are strangers, they may have treats and can also scratch itches.

He thinks water is great to drink, but is to be avoided the rest of the time...

He has also learned that the puppy staying with us right now is a PIA but the irony is lost on him. He treated Fanny the same way when he first arrived...

We love him with all our hearts and cannot imagine life without him.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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