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DW#2 has gone haiku-crazy....

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She's studying haiku in school. And so she's composing on the fly, counting every syllable.

She laid this one on me during a Wesley-walk on Friday:

The dog's upset. Bark!
Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!
Bark! Bark! Shut up, dog!

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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Eric (Bearsdad) should post some of his haiku. He's done some dandies! Remember when he got us all going a couple of years ago? It was fun! :)
Nathan's good, too. If I ever get elected JL King again (Pah - fat chance!), my decree is going to be for an all-Haiku day. All postings need to be 5 x 7 x 5 syllables.

Writing a haiku
About haiku, taxes brains
How very meta!
??? Guess I didn't learn that in school? What is haiku?
Stacey is really bored
She doesn't want to go to work
Please somebody come save her
Three lines of free verse, dictated by the # of syllables in each line.


Good try for Stace, but
Doesn't has two syllables
Line three's over, too!
I loved haiku ... I still have a book where we wrote some in school. This was my first one:

Slimy little frog
On the lily pad he sits
Then into my shoe.

;D ;D ;D
zoezoe said:
I loved haiku ... I still have a book where we wrote some in school. This was my first one:

Slimy little frog
On the lily pad he sits
Then into my shoe.

;D ;D ;D
That is cute!!
gahhh that's what i get for not counting!!!! i just typed random words lol

Dan - Proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree mate :)
And for what its worth, here's a half-arsed attempt from me at 6:34am:

Still awake at Morn,
Project driving me crazy,
**** long day ahead.


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Disney World awaits,
The Weckerly family.
Hug Mickey for me.
ok how bout this...and i counted this time :p

The spring rain dances
Delicate water drops
dreams after the storm
This paper is not
Going to write itself so
Alas, I bid ado
Has her dad's gift for haiku
And for the absurd.
:D Well, easy to see where she got that, huh Dan? :D

I love haiku. I saved some of you all's haikus about Angus' tick on his _ick. :D

Several years ago I was on a committee to improve company morale. No wonder morale sucks now...I'm no longer on the committee. ANYWAY...one of the things I did was hold a poetry contest for Valentine's day. :D People sent poems, and every hour I would email one to the staff on V-Day. There were some **** funny submissions, but I saved the best for the last. Here is my firm's winning haiku, from V-Day 2001:

My sweet Valentine,
She loves me, she loves me not;
She's a blow-up doll.

Maybe this is only funny if you know the guy who wrote it... :D
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Nathan - Dawwww...

Connie - I Love that kind of corporate fun. When I was a director of corp comm for an insurance company (the best job, bar none, that I ever had -- and it was eliminated), our Veep would let us do fun stuff like that all the time. Photo contest, trivia, all kinds of morale-building activities.

The dungeon I'm presently working couldn't build morale with a hodful of bricks and a blueprint.....

A soul-sucking firm
Treats employees like chattle
I need a new job!
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