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In his first two waves of the 2010 season duke was amazingly consistent with jumps exactly 13.06' in the two events on Saturday. That earned him a second place in the Junior Division for both waves.
Sunday was something else. At the 9AM event we were facing a very strong wind. I made two horrendous tosses. On the first of his two jumps the wind blew the bumper back and Duke jumped only 8.5'. On his second jump I threw it too high and the wind blew it off to the right an entirely out of the tank. Duke just trotted up, looked for it, and not seeing it he just jumped in for the fun of it. We got a No-Place for that event as Duke has a Junior Title and therefore does not qualify for jumping in the novice division. Sunday was weird for most of the dogs. Duke's main junior division rival is a dog names Quilla. They usually jump within a few inches of each other but on Sunday Quilla actually refused to jump at all on his first two attempts and was scratched from the second event.
The next wave was a bit better. I altered the throwing technique by keeping Duke on his lead, then I let him watch me throw the bumper into the tank from the from the front of the dock, then I took him to the back and released him to go get it. His best effort in that wave was 12.08 which at least was a junior division distance but no ribbon for that effort, all my fault.
We compete again in two weeks at a regional contest. I didn't take any photos but others did so if I can find one of Duke I'll post it later.
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