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Both drivers now charged with attempted murder

PRINCE WILLIAM CO., Va. - Two men are facing attempted murder charges after police say one of them opened fire on the other, a trucker, in a case of road rage.

Police say Gabriel Poventud-- with his 2-year-old daughter in the car-- fired as many as 13 rounds at the dump truck driver after the two ran into each other on the highway. The shooting happened during rush hour on Tuesday as the two drivers headed southbound.

Late Wednesday, police said they had also arrested the driver of the dump truck, 44-year-old James Bringham of Woodbridge, and charged him with attempted second-degree murder. No one answered the door at this home on Wednesday, and he had previously been charged with reckless driving.

Poventud's family says he was acting in self defense. Virginia State Police are still gathering information, and admit their investigators still aren't absolutely sure how this happened.

What they do know is the two drivers became enraged with other as they traveled south on Interstate 95 south of the Occoquan River. At one point, the two vehicles came to a stop and police say Gabriel Poventud opened fire with a 9mm pistol.

Minutes after Proventud was told he would be held without bond, his fiancé and father left the courthouse on Wednesday. Neither wanted to talk about what happened.

Virginia state police say their investigators are still talking to witnesses.

"At some point their vehicles became engaged in a road rage battle, is the best way it can be described," said Lt. Danny Glick of the Virginia State Police. "Eventually the vehicles did make contact and ended up on the left shoulder against the jersey wall when Mr. Poventud came out of the vehicle with a firearm and started shooting at the dump truck."

Police say at least four rounds struck the rear of the truck as it sped away from the scene. But it didn't end there. As state police responded to the area they found, "the vehicles traveling in the shoulder about 35 miles an hour about three or four miles south of where the scene had actually happened."

When they finally pulled over, police say they found Poventud's 2-year-old daughter Addison with her father. She was unharmed.

Michael Perez is Poventud's stepfather. He says Poventud called him while the incident was going on. Perez says Poventud sounded terrified.

"I knew he was on the road, I could hear the road noise," said Perez. "I wrote down the license plate. He said, 'This guy is trying to kill me.'"

Perez says he thinks his stepson was acting in self defense.

"That's something we pass down from generation to generation on both sides of this family-- you defend your family at all costs, we can't let this gentleman with this big truck just run them off the road," said Perez.

State police say it's a miracle no one was hit by the gunfire on the highway. So far, they have no reports of even a vehicle being hit other than the truck.

State police say there may be further charges. Gabriel Poventud is being held without bond until he can meet with his court-appointed attorney.
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