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Drinking salt water

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Ernie loves going on our daily walks at the beach. The past couple of days he has started to explore the water and loves it. However he loves it so much that he keeps drinking it :-[ I wondered if there is anyway to stop or discourage him from doing this. I just keep telling him no and he will stop for a little bit but than is back at it again. I make sure that he has a big drink of fresh water before we leave. I want him to go in the water, I just don't want him to get sick doing it.
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I don't know if there's a way to stop them. There are two dogs at "our" beach that drink salt water. They get the runs and/or throw up.

Also, if Zoe does retrieves in the ocean, she seems to intake lots of water and has very soft poop in the afternoon.

Maybe someone can give you advice as to how to make him stop drinking.
Theo doesn't drink it intentionally, but he does seem to swallow what ends up in his mouth when he's swimming. It can cause the runs and vomiting, especially if you swallow a boatload of sand while fetching your ball on the beach. Theo had a spectacular hurl in the back of our car driving home from the beach on a windy, hilly road. It took weeks to get all the sand out of the seats. :-X

I'm not aware of how you might curb it.
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