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After years of living in Oklahoma, something dawned on me today while talking to the plumber about beagles. He said (as most Oklahomans do), "My uncle raises beagles." This "raising" term is generally only used with sporting breeds or any of the hounds; most other breeds who don't earn their keep aren't worth "raising". There is usually a caveat to "raising".

Here are variations on that term, as I have often heard it here:

"Yup. My dad raises labs/beagles. Has three/six. Yup. He hunts 'em." What this means is dad has three labs/beagles who retrieve/track anything from squirrel to upland game for him and every now and then there is a litter. Hopefully an ad in the paper will take care of the puppies, but the buyer WILL be carefully screened to make sure the pup is going to have a nice bed by the fireplace if yer not gonna hunt him/her.

"Yup. My uncle raises labs/beagles." Full stop.
These are your puppy mill people.

"Yup. My brother has a kennel full of lab/beagles. He's workin' on gettin that silver color in the labs worked out in the next couple of litters. He's kinda lookin at pugs tuh go with one of his beagles, too. M-hm."

Oh well... we do produce really reliable plumbers!
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