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Dog park Drama

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We went for a walk around the park and since there was only one dog in the dog park we took Mambo in. He loves this dog. They were playing great. Than a lady walked in with her pitbulls. I have to admit as soon as I seen them I knew it was trouble. I mean they looked mean. They walk in and I was talking to the lady. One was a Pure bit. Other was lab/pit. Mambo and Willow were playing chase with a toy we had. The pit suddenly jumps on top of Mambo. At first playing. Than I noticed it kept going for Mambos throat. But it's tail was wagging. I was watching like a hawk. Than the pitbull got really worked up. So the lady pulled him off Mambo. She than tells Jerome that it's not her dog and she doesn't know alot about it. I was mad. You don't know this powerful dog. She wouldn't be able to tell the signs if things were going bad.

Than the dog attacks Mambo. Held him down and wouldn't let go. Mambo screamed. Jerome jumps in the middle and truly grabs the pit by the troat and tosses it to the side. Oh forgot to mention there were three kids also in the park. The kids were trying to help and I grabbed them and pulled them away from the pit.

The lady stayed. We were holding Mambo and jerome was going off. She was pissed Jerome put her hands on the dog. She said we had no right to touch her dog. Maybe she is right. But your dog was attacking mine and you were standing there. LIke oh its just play. The hell with that. My dog was yelping.

Before we even got out the park. The pit attacked another little mix. and the kids jumped in the middle to help their dog. I ran back. I was closer than the mom.

Anyways Mambo is fine. No blood was drawn. But he was scared. He was ready to leave.

Do you think Jerome was wrong?
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Absolutely not! The stupid woman was wrong - big time.
I would have been much worse than Jerome. Some people are just stupid.
Heck no--if another dog was attacking mine thats what I would do too. That owner would have been responsible for not controlling her dog. I would have reported it.
He was so not in the wrong!
I would have done the same thing. He was actually calm compared to what I would have been like.
Well I did leave out the choice words he had for the woman. But I was really mad. She said people don't give pits a fair chance.

Crazy thing is The other dog that Mambo loves is a pit. She is hyper like Mambo, but know way would I worry about Mambo being hurt. Willow is a sweet heart.
Nope, I would have gone off too. Steven would have had a ton to say if it was him too. And I would have let him.
Jerome was not in the wrong at all. Some people are just dumb.
No way were you in the wrong. I would have done the same thing, and I also would have some choice words for her. People have this misconception that you don't watch your dogs at the dog park and it is a free for all. I don't get this.
NO!!!!!!!!! If it was my husband and I..we would have been kicking that dog and pulling it till it let go..no dog is going to hurt or intimidate my dog..not EVER!!!!!!!
ABSOLUTLEY NOT! Jerome had all the rights on his side to protect Mambo. Mambo could have been seriously injured if the situation got really, really ugly. :( I've done the same thing. I'm so glad Mambo didn't get hurt.

Stupid, stupid woman! :mad:
Mambo plays pretty rough. He likes the play bitey face. Always chewing on ears. and I swear he thinks he is a line backer. But I really try to make him calm down if he gets to worked up. But I could tell that wasnt just rough play. He wouldn't let go of Mambo.

I just need to stick to play dates.
Hell NO! I'm afraid I would not only have pulled the dog off, but also reported her to whatever authorties of the park. No excuse for that type of behavior. :mad:
This is why I fought to have a fence put up for our backyard..we live in a HOA area..and everything has to be ok'd by the association. I didn't want to take Dakota to a dog park..if I didn't have too. Not everyone has a backyard tho..and for those who don't it is an option..but this doesn't mean that people should bring aggressive or dangerous dogs to them. I would never bring Kelly there, she can be aggressive. Some people sit on their brains!!

JCB said:
No way were you in the wrong. I would have done the same thing, and I also would have some choice words for her. People have this misconception that you don't watch your dogs at the dog park and it is a free for all. I don't get this.
She said people don't give pits a fair chance.
People like her are the reason pits have a bad name. This dog obviously shouldn't be at the dog park, period. But she was foolish to take him there since it's not her dog, and negligent not to stop him from attacking yours. Jerome had every right to pull that dog off Mambo. Any good dog owner would do the same in that situation.

That's exactly why I don't take Sundance to dog parks. I've found I can't trust the general population of dog owners to be responsible. It's much safer to arrange playdates with people you know, IMHO.

I'm glad Mambo is okay. That must have been so scary.
No, Jerome was not in the wrong, but the woman bringing the pit in most certainly was. No, Pits don't always get a fair chance due to reputation, but when one is ugly, its ugly... end of story. You can't watch one attack your dog and do nothing, and you can't just shrug it off like she did. Standing there and watching it make another dog yelp like that then saying it was just playing is how they try to cover their own butts in my opinion. If it wasn't her dog, and she didn't know much about it, she had no business setting it loose in a dog park. There is a lurcher who goes to the place where I let Bailey run around, and the man lets him off the leash regardless of who is there. Now, this dog carries a big rope toy with it, and it runs around the field with it. All SEEMS well enough until he drops it. The first time that lurcher dropped its toy, the next thing it went for was Bailey, who was totally thrown because one minute it was racing around with him, and the next it was growling and snapping. I pulled Bailey away from him, and the owner comes over and says 'oh, don't worry, he's fine so long as he has something in his mouth', and I told him 'that's great, but that something is not going to be my puppy's throat!' I was so annoyed. So yeah, I totally sympathise with the issues at these places, and the 'whatever' attitudes of some of the people who go there without a clue. I'm SO glad that Jerome got the Pit off before Mambo was hurt, and I hope it doesn't dent Mambo's confidence.
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I think Jerome had every right to step in. That woman should not have brought that dog in if it wasn't hers.

My foster pup is Shar Pei / Pit (they say lab, but i don't think that's right) He is the sweetest boy. No agression in him at all. But, because he looks pit, people already have their minds made up with him.

He get's along so well with all of the others, that I am seriously thinking of adopting him.
The other dog that was with her was pit/lab/sharp. But he wasnt interested in playing. He was happy to run around and smell the trees.
Do you think Jerome was wrong?
Wrong?? hell, he was MUCH nicer than I would have been. Sorry if this offends anyone, and I have NOTHING against Pit's or other similar breeds, but they do not belong at a dog park. Although we don't get Pit's in this country (banned breed) most Staffie owners will tell you that big groups of strange dogs and Staffies do not mix.

This is the exact reason I avoid these types of situations like the plague. We don't have a dog park in my area but my local park is a big walking hotspot. I avoid it unless I am going at off peak hours. I have dealt with enough irresponsible idiots and their off leash dogs so I have zero tolerance for them any more.
Mybabymambo said:
She than tells Jerome that it's not her dog and she doesn't know alot about it. I was mad. You don't know this powerful dog. She wouldn't be able to tell the signs if things were going bad.
I would have done the same. And I think the problem lies in your sentence above ~ regardless of breed. It was not her dog and she didn't know alot about it. If you don't know how the dog will react w/ strange dogs then don't bring it to a dog park.
uhhh!!! helll no he did the right thing!!!!!!
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