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Press Release Source: BowTie, Inc.

Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy Magazine Give Animal Lovers Tips to Protect Pets From Tainted Foods
Wednesday May 2, 6:01 pm ET
Free Guide Available Through DogChannel.com and CatChannel.com Educates Readers About Raw Diets, Additives, People Food and Foods to Avoid

IRVINE, Calif., May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of the recent contaminated pet food scare, the world's most widely-read dog and cat publications released the "Guide to Feeding Your Pet," a comprehensive resource every dog or cat owner should have.

Sections include avoiding tainted foods, uncovering mystery ingredients in dog and cat foods, choosing the right foods, the hazards posed by raw diets and the pros and cons of feeding pets human foods. The guide, packed with dozens of tips, imparts general wisdom to facts about feeding that can save pets' lives, such as:

* Be aware of what is in pet food treats, and apply the same principle to
the treats as to the food.

* Natural foods are not necessarily better than others. Read the
ingredients on every bag of food you purchase.

* Stick with dry foods because fewer of them have been recalled. Pay
attention to the labels and select foods without wheat gluten.

* Signs of possible toxin exposure include loss of appetite, nausea,
vomiting, lethargy, increased water intake and frequent urination.

Feeding dogs and cats is not a cut-and-dried subject. Tainted foods aside, dogs and cats require complete, balanced diets high in protein. "The recent ever-expanding pet food recall has shaken pet owners and pet food companies to the core. We wanted our DogChannel and CatChannel visitors to have information they need -- all in one document, about safely feeding their dogs and cats a proper diet," said Susan Chaney, editor of Dog Fancy.

The 8-page "Guide to Feeding Your Pet" will be e-mailed free to current members of DogChannel and CatChannel's popular "Club Dog" and "Club Cat" programs. New members signing up for "Club Dog" and "Club Cat" will also receive the guide if they sign up online before May 31.

The information found within the guide will continue to be essential even after the contaminated pet food scare is over.

"We've done a lot of research in order to give pet owners the best nutrition advice possible during this daunting time," said Susan Logan, editor of Cat Fancy. "It's a privilege to educate pet owners during this scary time by publishing this resource."
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