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Does your Lab have a twin?

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Another thread made me think of this...
Is there a JL labby who reminds you a lot of your lab? Who is your dog's twin?

Emma's twin would be Taylor...they really resemble one another in the face and body shape also.
Aidan's twin...kind of not fair, but it would have to be his Dad, Seamus.
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For me, it's Pheobe and Abby - there are some shots, especially when they are younger, where they look almost identical. It's kinda neat!
This is a cute thread.. I think that "Belle" (chocco_23) could be "Breeds" twin.. I looked at her pics in the park and I found a few we have of Breed that looked like her :)

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Sassy has 2 twins. Abby (Labz4Me) and Katie (Trappermom)
Sassy loves balls (that would be Abby) and Sassy is a wild girl (That would be Katie)

Mugs, He's so layed back I'm not sure yet.
Maybe Trapper(Trappermom) he's layed back or Jack(Labz4Me)
I'm not sure.

Your talking about there personality right? Not there color.
I always thought Turbo (his owner quit coming here a while back) looked a lot like Rory. And Lola (Lolasmom Jenn) reminds me of Rio sometimes. I think its her head.
You could take it either way... their personality (which i didnt think of) or their looks or any other characteristics.

Emma resembles Taylor but is more ball obesssed like Stacey's Molly and Abby. She is also a lot like Beau.
Aidan is laid back like Seamus and Jack Ryan.
Zoe reminds me of putertutor's dog (can't remember his name, sorry). And sometimes Monnie's Buddy.
Look at Lily's tongue! ;D I have never seen a tongue shot of her before! OMG, they are twins!
I think Elias and Thatsmygirls Sami look a lot a like.
Nellie and my Jake
Here is my Jake.......

One's of mitziandjudy'smom's reminds me of Zena...never can remember which one it is, though.

Dutchie has a twin on another board; his name is Beau.
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That's easy!!

Henery and pj's yellow Theo!! :D
I think Elias and "BEAM ME UP" Scotty look like Rowan.
Fudge found his twin this week when bearsmomma found Jackson!! ;D ;D ;D
Theo reminds my of my Otis, and Dani's Nellie reminds me of my Max. Here's a few close up pics:



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Funny thread! ;D

Over here in the Netherlands, i dont find so often a 'twin' of Laika as i do on this (American) forum 8)

So, most of the blonde Labrador's will have a small or bigger match on how Laika looks! ;D
blacklabelias said:
I think Elias and Thatsmygirls Sami look a lot a like.
Yes they do. Unfortunately, Sami's no longer here. Thatsmygirl cancelled her account. :(
Not on the board, but last fall I was at a breeder's in OH, Shannon Valley Labs. A yellow came around the corner, and I almost said "Tucker!" Exact twin, build, movement, even the eyes.
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