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for yellow water dawgs to live and play?

I've been using Google earth for mapping. Today I started experimenting with Microsoft's Virtual Earth. It's images are more recent and seem to be of a better quality overall. The bird's eye view below is where Cappy & Remi live and play most every day. If you enlarge the map you'll see on the bottom right where some of our serious training is done. That one as well as the pond next to the house is used for teaching more advanced retriever training concepts in water.


The pic above is our house and land that we started on in 2004. We've added 4 retriever training ponds and a wetlands there since we bought the property and built our home. In addition to that one, we have a 2nd property 5 miles north of here with an 11 acre wetlands that we also created in 2004. That where Cappy and Remi do most of their duck hunting in the fall. The water showing in that pic is about 1/2 of what there is when it's flooded and full for hunting.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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