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Team 3 Dawg Flite went to a DockDogs event up in Virginia Beach this weekend. It was a really awesome event....very hot, but lots of great people and big jumping dogs.

Unfortunately, Sally and Spud were not among the big jumping dogs. It was not our best weekend. Sally did okay in Big Air....one 1st place and one 3rd place (both Senior). Her best jump was 19' which is about average for her. Her best Speed Retrieve run was only 7.63 seconds which is not good at all for her. I think the heat got to her and she just gave out of gas. She did, however, have a great time jumping which is the bottom line anyway.

Poor Spud was the one I really felt sorry for. He did one jump Friday (1st place Senior) and then Saturday morning, we noticed he had cold tail. So we scratched him from all of Saturday's jumps. He jumped once more Sunday morning, but I think he didn't feel too good.

Hoppy actually did pretty good. He never went off the dock, but he did retrieve the wubba by going down the exit ramp which is a huge first step.

Here are some pics. One of Sally's Speed Retrieve heats:

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