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Do you have a friend who grew up in a cave?

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I just posted on FB as one of my 5 movies that I can recite the dialogue from as Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

My best friend just posted "not the very first one? I would have thought episodes 1-3 would have made the list?"

Seriously? I bet she hasn't even seen it. I love her, but sometimes....

*shaking head in disbelief*
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WHo's that?
Some group from the 80's I think, only seen the first 3 Star Wars here, do know what a slupee and a fajita is, but what we used to call thongs are now flip-flops and thongs don't go on yer feet no more.:D
I didn't watch even one of the star wars:eek: Maybe thats the cause of all my problems!! Hell I always thought it was my parents fault!:rolleyes::D
When any of the first 3 came out we smoked a bunch a weed and went.:D
I saw Star Wars and Return of the Jedi, but that's it. I know there are others, but I haven't seen them and couldn't tell you what they're called.

But I do know what Duran Duran is. And Kajagoogoo. Sad to say. Sometimes I think my brain needs a complete format: c:/*.* to get rid of all the stupid pop culture crap stored in there.
c:/*.* won't work, it takes a lobotomy to do that, but that messes up the hard drive a bit.:D
Thank You!!! I thought I was the only one who had no clue who most of the entertainers, singers, and groups were that they talk about. :cool:

Nice and cool and shady under the rock. ;)
Lots of times I don't even do that, figure if I ain't heard of them I wouldn't like them anyway.:D
Showing my age here....why on earth would you write on the back of a shovel?
Popular ledgand says Abe Lincoln learned to write with hunks of charred wood on the back of a wooden shovel (common in the time)

His step-mother told one of his biographers in 1868 that he used old boards.
Careful you ex pot smokers, you'll start to lose your memory. :rolleyes:
Might but it's happening as bad or worse with my friends my age who didn't smoke it.:D
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