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Do you have a friend who grew up in a cave?

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I just posted on FB as one of my 5 movies that I can recite the dialogue from as Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

My best friend just posted "not the very first one? I would have thought episodes 1-3 would have made the list?"

Seriously? I bet she hasn't even seen it. I love her, but sometimes....

*shaking head in disbelief*
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I have to google 95% of all the entertainment posts that are made here.
I like my rock. There's stuff underneath it you guys have never heard of, either.

I was using the typewriter today (electric one at that!)
Pshhhhhhh.... I still have my portable, field model LC Smith. WITH its original ribbon in it. Travel case and all! Love the little locks on the case.

It's so F. Scott Fitzgeraldish. Or Hemingwayish. Or like that.

Both the red and black sides of the ribbon still print.

1 - 2 of 85 Posts
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