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Do you have a friend who grew up in a cave?

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I just posted on FB as one of my 5 movies that I can recite the dialogue from as Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

My best friend just posted "not the very first one? I would have thought episodes 1-3 would have made the list?"

Seriously? I bet she hasn't even seen it. I love her, but sometimes....

*shaking head in disbelief*
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I think we all have one of those...or more. ;)

My grandma cracks me up. When I told her I had became a vegetarian she said "huh...well a friend of mine said she was one of those...she ate fish and grilled cheese though." "Well grandma some veggies eat fish"

"Well she ate grilled cheese too" "Well I eat more than grilled cheese!"
But this girl, well, woman I should say, is 2 years older than me. She doesn't know who Duran Duran is for crying out loud! We graduated high school in the late 80s!!
WHo's that?
Some group from the 80's I think, only seen the first 3 Star Wars here, do know what a slupee and a fajita is, but what we used to call thongs are now flip-flops and thongs don't go on yer feet no more.:D
Aaah that explains it! I was born in 81.

I know what all the rest of that is, only seen the first 3 star wars as well!

Feh. That's nothin'. I still write on the back of a shovel with a hunk of charcoal.

In Linear B.

Showing my age here....why on earth would you write on the back of a shovel?
Good googly-moog. I graduated HS in 1981.

Saw all three of the original STAR WARS movies in the theater upon first release. First one, I was 14 years old that summer and thought I had died and gone to heaven (I imagine the experience was much like my Dad seeing "The Wizard of Oz" upon initial release; you just KNEW you were seeing something monumental).

Weird in retrospect: Fox didn't know what it had on its hands and dumped this space-opera thing on the market with almost no fanfare at all. It wasn't until we teens got hold of it that it started making zillions......

Saw ET on first release, too. And POLTERGEIST.
My mum graduated in 81 too!! :p Everyone who knows me online thinks I'm older because I act a lot older than my age, but I look like I'm 18. lol
Oh, we have something ELSE in common..... How nice.
It IS isn't it?

A friend use to tease me in high school about my 'baby' face. She was able to buy alcohol since about the age of 12-13. She would say "aww look at that little baby face of yours. Nobody hits on you cause you look so young." She was dating guys TWICE our age or more. "Look at that little baby face of yours it is JUST so cute!"

Finally I had enough and said "Yeah well when we're 30 I'll still be getting carded for everything with this 'baby' face and you'll be getting the senior citizen discount!"

She never opened her mouth again....
The best part of the 80's...

Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortake, He-man & She-rah,Ghost Busters, and....Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!
Shh--- Spandau Ballet.....
huh?! :eek:
the song that goes "We built this city on ROOOOOCK N ROOOOOLLL?"
I'm telling you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!
Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello!

Master SPlinter, there was Casey Jones, April O'neil, The Shredder, Leatherface, Crane, Beepop, Rocksteady....ect need I go on?
Nope you're good.

So wait...did you watch Thundercats?
Gawd NO
really! people kept telling me "you'll miss H.S. once you leave." yeah, i didn't get that memo. you couldn't pay me enough to go back.
Ditto. My cousin graduated about 3 years before me, the year after his graduation he tells me "You know how everyone says you're going to miss high school when you're out? THAT IS COMPLETE B.S!!"

He was so true. I graduated in 2000 and I haven't missed that place for one day!
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