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Do you ever

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tickle your Lab's foot when they are sleeping, you know the hair between their toes? :D
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ummm....no. Ears, maybe, but not feet.
I have never done that, but I love to lightly touch his ears and watch them twitch. :)
Feet not so much. When Lexi's snoozing, especially in the sun, I sneak up on her (well at least as much as I can sneak) & snuggle her ears. They are so soft & when she is warm, that is even better.
Yes. I loved touching her feet.
Yup - they hate it! It makes them twitch and jerk their feet and wake up.
Yeah, Abbey doesn't like it but I think it's funny! :D
Same here, I only tickle her back feet :D She puts up with it for about 2 times then she gets up and moves. hee hee
We tickle CJs feet when he's awake!
Rush can't stand to have you mess with her feet so yes, I do tickle them once in a while.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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