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Digi tv

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not impressed :rolleyes:
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Well I have tons of the same channel such as 19-1 19-2 19-3 19-4, all stuff I wouldn't watch anyway!! Plus there is a pause when you switch from channel to channel and half of them say "weak signal" or "no program" so you get a blue screen.

Are you on a converter box? If so, like Nick said, could be your antenna. I have rabbit ears I bought at radioshack about 6 or 7 years ago and they work just fine.

If you don't watch those channels, just program them out. I only have channels I watch programmed.
We have Dish but NOT local channels...stupid Dish has told me for years "not available in your area" GRRRR
So why do you have DISH?
That's what my parents have. They were told that besides the converter box, they had to buy a digital antenna.
What, pray tell, is a digital antenna?
Its marketing term used to describe a regular antenna!! Any antenna is capable of receiving digital off air. digital signal is sent on an analog carrier, so the frequencies used are still within the range of any antenna sold prior to the advent of digital tv. The only thing with digital OTA is that it is that in most areas people need a larger antenna to pics up the stations with reliability, since digital is a go / no go situation.
That I knew. I was being snarkey. :D Also, another marketing scam is HDTV antenna. No such thing.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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