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Digi tv

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not impressed :rolleyes:
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You may need a better UHF antenna. The old analog was mainly (or maybe exclusively) VHF. That's the downfall, UHF doesn't travel as well, that and you can watch a weak signal on VHF because it's just fuzzier than a strong signal. You can't watch a weak digital signal. My parents are having that problem with some of the local stations. They have a 20 year old DirecTV satellite for the living room, but use an antenna for their bedroom since at the time it was really expensive to get two dishes.
They would need two dishes? Can they upgrade their dish to the newer one that has more than one signal coming in? I think on our dish we can have up to four tv's hooked up. We only have two, even though my children keep trying to talk me into tv's in their room. That's not going to happen. I was just curious Nick.
Yeah, they can do that now, but I believe at the time you had to get two dishes (this was like the mid or early-90s). They never bothered after becoming empty-nesters because the antenna worked fine for analog. They're paranoid to change anything though, because DirecTV never changed their $29.99/month plan they started with.
Oh, that makes sense.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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