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Digi tv

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not impressed :rolleyes:
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Well I have tons of the same channel such as 19-1 19-2 19-3 19-4, all stuff I wouldn't watch anyway!! Plus there is a pause when you switch from channel to channel and half of them say "weak signal" or "no program" so you get a blue screen.

We have Dish but NOT local channels...stupid Dish has told me for years "not available in your area" GRRRR

So we do have a convertor box so we can watch our local channels (news and such). The antenna we have also has a booster on it so we actually got more channels than most people had in our area before the switch.

Good idea about skipping goofy channels we don't want. I just wanted to see what all was there in the beginning. :)
So why do you have DISH?
Mostly we watch Dish but I want to watch local news and ABC, CBS and NBC but we can't get those on Dish. Also not available if we had Direct tv.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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