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As my father wears an 8 1/2 or 9 extra wide he has always shopped at the one 5 miles from home that closed. So when he needed new tennis shoes off we go to discover it is closed. Go home check on-line of the 4 in Phoenix last year only 1 remains...called them they are reducing their stock of men's shoes and may also close.

No problem I go back on line and after searching for 2 days find the ones he has been wearing for the last 3 years and order them. But as the style is discontinued it wasn't easy.

We figure we are going to Vegas so we will shop while we are here. Now when my cousin met us in Vegas about 15 years ago we went to 3 wide shoe stores as they were getting ready to transfer to Athens for 3 years with the embassy. Find the only one in town now and it is advertised as being the largest wide shoe store in the country. Get in there all the stock is on the floor marked down to $29.99 they are also going out of business. So we bought dad 4 pairs of shoes...he says he better die before they are all worn out as he refuses to buy shoes on-line only to have to mail them back if they don't fit.
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