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One word... HARD!!!!!

4 1/2 hours to complete 80 multiple choice questions by finding the answers in some 3,000 pages of reference materials.

How did I do? Won't know officially for 4-6 weeks (probably around mid-May). Just my general feeling after it was over today, kind of middle of the road. Definitely a chance (maybe even slightly better than 50-50%) I passed, but again not entirely confident I got 60 questions right to get the pass.

After the exam was finished one of the guys from the prep course I took went across the street to Hooters for a beer. We compared our answers (we were allowed to take our test booklet with us). Felt slightly better when we discovered that on all but 10 or so questions we had the same answers. That means we either passed with flying colors or both failed in flames.

This guy told me that he's always thought that of the 5 of us from the prep class, he thinks I am the one who'll pass.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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