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Dayna et al, the official word on A and B Rally classes...

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I just heard from the akc regarding whether dogs should be entered in Advanced and Excellent A or B. I asked this question to make sure it would be OK to show both boys in A after Novice, because neither of them has an obedience title. This is the response I got:


You are correct that a handler can enter the Advanced and Excellent A
classes regardless of their experience with other dogs in the past. As
long as the dog you are currently competing with has not earned any
obedience titles, you can compete in the A class. If you get an RA
title on the first dog, you can remain in Advanced A with the other dog,
you will not need to move the second dog to the B class.
So, you all were right (of course)! Just thought I'd let you know what the AKC said. :)
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Hmmm...so with Maddy, I have her in Advanced B, but she has a CD, so I guess that's right. But if I were to finish up Hudler (one more RN B leg) and take him on to Advanced, he could be A?
But if I were to finish up Hudler (one more RN B leg) and take him on to Advanced, he could be A?
Yes...only Novice applies to the handlers status. Adv and Excellent (as well as Open and Utility) apply to the dog's status so as long as he doesn't have a CD or RA he will be in A.
I didn't know it was that way in obedience too!
AngusFangus said:
I didn't know it was that way in obedience too!
Pretty cool, eh? The only difference is that obedience titles on a dog force a dog to compete in Rally B classes but Rally titles on a dog have no effect on the level in obedience. They will still compete in A.
Well its only taken me two years but now I finally get it. Thanks everyone for helping to finally make this clear. My Rally pup had a CD before we started Rally so I had to be B all the way - but now I know for a pup without a CD we would need to be Novice B and can be A for Adv & Exc. Thanks again.
Thank you for getting the official word from AKC.

I am excited about her starting her obedience career. She is such a great dog.

Has anyone ever done a brace class in obedience? I am thinking about. I think that Chloe and my new dog Stitch would be great for it.

Danya - I never have done a Brace Class but I was talking to someone who went to the national lab specialty and he watched a Brace Class and thought it was really neat. He has tried with his Lab and Flat Coat with not much success. I've tried the occasional both dogs doing the same thing - biggest problem I've found is they both want to be on the inside on a finish. It would be a fun thing to accomplish.
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