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Well, NQ'd Utility again. Very similar to what Susan experienced, a screechy cattle dog was barking/screeching in the Open A ring and it distracted Kodi on her signals and she did not sit, so I had to give a second command. Otherwise it was a very good run.

In Open we got one of those 'blessings' and while Kodi's back feet landed on the broad jump the judge (Anna Lorenz) said she counted it as a "major" tick. In the Open sits there were 10 in our group and 7 went down!!!

Over all though I have been very pleased with Kodi so far. A thing or two to work on, but considering that we have only worked when we have had class, she has done very well. If only I could live up to her potential!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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