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If any of you looked at the photos I just posted over on the old forum of Sally from the DockDogs event in Charleston this past weekend, you can see the drive, intensity and focus in that girl. She's oozing with it.

At two different times during her waves, I had two different men come back there behind the pool and find me and Sally. I'm standing there with Sally on her leash. She's having a fit to get back up on the dock! Each conversation went something like this:

CO (clueless observer): How old is your dog?

Me: 2 years old

CO: She's beautiful.

Me: Thank you.

CO: Yep, that's quite a dog you got there.

(about now, I'm almost afraid he's going to try and steal her!)

Me: Thanks. I totally agree.

CO: When are you going to breed her?

Me: I'm not.

CO: You're not? (astonished, can't believe it)

Me: No, we're not breeders. Our dog are just pets and we like to have fun with them.

CO: But with her drive and looks, she would have such great puppies.

Me: Maybe. Maybe not.

CO: She sure is good looking. (I think I notice a bit of drool coming from his mouth about now)

Me: Yep.

CO: (holding out a card to me) Well, if you change your mind, just let me know.

Me: No thanks. Sally definitely will NOT be having puppies....ever.

Two different men each came up to me like that. I just thought it rather brazen and bold....not to say uninformed and ignorant.

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people are so ignorant and rude. Just because Sally excels at DockDiving doesn't mean she has to have puppies. She's wonderful just the way she is!

This is what I kept telling my parents about Milly. Yes she's smart and gentle natured. No she doesn't need puppies to "be the best dog she could be" So glad that now she's spayed I don't have to listen to that crap anymore.

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Two words: "She's spayed". :D

I get that with Peanut all the time. "Oh man! A Min pin! I've always wanted one of those! And she's a girl! Awesome, when she has pups I'll totally buy one off yah!"

"She's spayed."

What's really bad is that I lie when people ask me where I got her. :eek: Because I got her from a pet store, and the last thing I want them to think is that they should go to a pet store to buy a puppy. So.... I tell them her breeder is no longer breeding (not untrue, she did stop breeding when the pet store manager told her Peanut had demodex) and give them the IMPS website. ;)

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I get it all the time at the dog park. Your girl is so pretty, when you breed her, I want a puppy.

I tell them they are underqualified ;)
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