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Cyrano Sandwich!

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L to R... Elliot, Cyrano, Emme

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Looks warm and comfy for Cyrano. Nice on a night like tonight.
Cute! I love Cyrano. Is he a Himalayan?
Oh how sweet!
Sweet! I love the tennis ball at Elliot's feet. :)
Anne, he is a Himalayan. He just had his 16th birthday in January. :D

Sawyersammy, Elliot has to have his tennis ball with him everywhere he goes. He's obsessed with it, it's like his security blanket. :)
That is so cute! I wish my two got a long with cats.
Thats a sandwich made of per happiness ;D
aww im glad i looked at this.. i thought it was about food.
Let's see some more pictures of him! :)
Aww what a sweet pic. I love the name Cyrano!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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