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Thats ok, I understand. Here are the pics of apollo:

Apollo loves little dogs:

We ran into Sam's boss at the dog park. He was there with his dog, tucker. Tucker is sooo stupid. He chases bird shadows lol. He'll run into trees while chasing after a bird shadow. In this pic he's chasing a bird shadow (but not the actual bird) and apollo is running along with him

Apollo and Tucker:

More pics of the boys:

For crying out loud, will you please look at his face? He's totally hamming it up!

Okay, so this was awesome. Some of the dogs started playing a little too rough and one dog (a yellow lab) started picking on another dog. The owner rushed over and instead of hooking his dog up to a leash, he grab his dog, flung him over his should and walked out of the park! OMG! lol! The dog wasn't hurt, maybe a little embarrased, but certainly not hurt by the owner doing this. I was happy to see a dog owner rush his pup out of the park for showing agression, even if it was just over enthusiastic playing. It was really responsible of him. And yes, that is a 75lb lab he's got slung over his shoulder.

When Apollo met this weiner dog he was terribly confused, you can probably tell by the look on his face. Apollo was probably thinking, "holy crap! Are you what happens when a ferret and a dog have a baby?" mwahahaha!

Apollo and Tucker and Apollo's good friend, a sweet pitbull named Scooter (female)

Uh oh, Tucker sees a shadow

Apollo flirted with all the girls, especially this one:

Haha! I love this pic of Apollo, hes all shifty eyed. I have no clue why though

I don't remember this dog's name, but it had the prettiest coat color:

This dog tried to get apollo to play with him by picking up a stick and running around apollo in circles:

Here's that weiner dog from earlier. OMG he was soooo cute. He kept chasing the tennis balls and would even catch them out of the air mid bounce. He was sooo cute.

Some action shots:

Apollo and a SUPER scruffy dog:

More coming up.

We ran into our buddies Tyson (pitbull puppy) and T-bone (rottie) at the park as well. Remeber the rottie that REALLLLYYYY wanted to play with Apollo? Well thats T-bone. Tyson (the pit pup) BOLTED across the dog park to see Apollo. He remembered him ;D He wouldn't leave apollo alone. He kept bouncing around him like "hey, hey, remember me, I'm cute, play with me, wow your neat." it was funny. T-bone also tried to coax apollo to play again, this time with better results:

Here was apollo the first time he met T-bone:


And here was Apollo's second encounter with T-bone:


Apollo meets a yellow lab:

Will you look at that little stinker's face! Pure joy on that mug of his! Thats cuz he's a ladies man. No, thats not me in the pic, thats some random chick that apollo was 'hitting on'

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