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CPE Agility New Years trial-the rest of the videos

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Here are the rest of the videos. Something to look at if you are bored on a winter day! ;)

Standard Level 1


This was our Level 1 Standard title and we got second place.

Colors Level 1


We got third place

Wildcard Level 1


We had 5 faults but first place. This was our handler games level 1 title. I don't know what the 5 faults were???

Full House Level 1


0 faults and first place. This was our Level 1 FUN title

Colors Level 2


As you can see, we still don't have a rear cross. We are working on some drills for that but I think it will take some time for him. We Q'd and got second place.

Snooker Level 1


I was pretty proud of Miles performance here. Too bad I hit the jump with my hand. All we need to complete Level 1 in CPE is Snooker. Snooker is a hard game but it is fun. We still got second place. I still think it weird to NQ and still place!

Our final run was Jumpers Level 2 and we didn't get that on video. It was a really good run!
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Ann - Thanks for posting all the great videos. I've not done CPE but have signed up to get my young pup ready and to keep my older pup active. It was great to see what snooker and colors look like because just reading the description wasn't as good as seeing it in action. What a nice weekend you must have had. B
Looks like so much fun! I'm just starting out in agility with Abbey and our third class starts tomorrow - we can't wait to compete! :D
The descriptions of the games are hard to follow. I found that I had to have someone help me with them and then watch the others, then I got it. It is fun to figure out your own course to meet the game requirements.

Justine, agility is so much fun! CPE is a nice venue to start out in. It is very casual, low pressure. You can compete in the lower levels without teeters and weaves so you can get some ring experience a little earlier. We are still working on weaves.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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