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Some of you know about my neighbors that we affectionately refer to as 'the crackhead neighbors."

They have three dogs that they DO NOT know how to care for obviously. They have a pit that is extremely animal aggressive. He's a sweetheart to people, I've petted him on one of the many times he's running down the street with his owner leashless. His face is all scarred up, and when he walks with his owner his tail is ALWAYS between his legs.

Multiple times I've seen them go across the street into another neighbors yard, tug on a limb of a tree and laugh hysterically as the dog goes into orbit and grabs a branch and RIPS IT OFF THE TREE. Yes destruction of private property is always friggin hilarious.

I have seen animal control over there multiple times. On the way home from the vet with Lucky I see animal control and TWO patrol cars at the duplex this owner is always walking down to because some of her crack head friends live down there. She walks the dog down there leashless ALL the time, apparently because she's too **** lazy to attach one to him, they have them because I've seen them use them for a few days after animal control is there.

Well just a bit ago the girl comes walking home in tears with a yellow piece of paper in her hand. Obviously she got a ticket, over what I haven't a clue, but I didn't see her dog with her. I hope they took him away from her and placed him at the Pitbull rescue our city has.

Seriously people should have to pass a test to be able to own a pet!!
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