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Could I ask for some good thoughts please?

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We had a bad storm the other day - winds were a steady 50 mph+ for a couple of hours. With that, we had a lot of uprooted trees and downed powerlines in the area.

One of Jason's co-workers (and friend) was working on a power line. He tested the line twice, and it had no power feeds. He started working on it, and it had an arc flash. Apparently there was another power source backfeeding off of it. :(

He was transferred to Georgia to a burn center, and he has burns from his head to his hands. I'm not sure how bad they are, but from what the other guys at Jason's work said, he's lucky to be alive.

I'm sure his family would appreciate any good thoughts and prayers for a good recovery that can be spared.
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how awful ... healing energy heading their way ;)
Prayers and good thoughts for the man and his family, that he heals completely.
You've got them.
The very strongest prayers I can offer! Going up to God now...
Healing thoughts to him - we have alot of power outages around where I live, and I always worry about the guys who come in from everywhere to help get the power back on - alot of people use generators and don't know how to do it properly to avoid the very problem you just described.
Sending good thoughts & prayers for him & his family.
You got it, Gail. That's so scary.
How awful! Sending good thoughts.
That's awful! Prayers for him and his family.
Prayers for him. We've had a lot of the same with all the power outages the last 6 months or so around here from storms. I now there were a few men hurt (at least one killed) working on the lines.
How scary. :( He and his family are in my thoughts.
Thanks everyone. From what Jason has heard, he's going to be at the burn center a few more weeks. They are saying that his burns are going to be very sensitive to the sunlight now so he probably won't be able to go back to his job again. I imagine he can work in an office-type environment where he's not outdoors though. I feel terrible for him and his family - he's only in his early-30s.
Good thoughts and prayers on the way for him and his family.
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