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Hey guys. I've had German shepherds for 20 years, I still have one GSD. I also now have a 4 y/o english lab. My lab is the easiest, most agreeable humble, delightful dog I've ever met. I like him so much it's crossed my mind to just stick with labs and never get another shepherd.

BUT my shepherds really make me feel safe. They are excellent watch dogs and do not seek out attention from strangers. My lab is I think a typical and correct lab, he is very social. Everybody is just a friend he hasn't met yet. He is very quick to wag his tail if someone makes eye contact with him even if he his on a leash and can't go say hi.

He's a 70lb chocolate but I doubt anybody would ever consider him a threat....he's just too sweet. He's also very quiet, he almost never barks. Which I actually love about him because too much barking really gets to me. He's super non confrontational with dogs which is awesome because I run a boarding kennel and he just tags around with me all day long and is totally safe around a wide variety of dogs. One night I came out of the kennel after doing night check and my lab was with me. We did not know my husband had gone up to the wood shed, and my lab let out this bark like I've never heard...he sounded impressive. He was obviously alerting me to the figure of a man in the dark when there ordinarily are no people around at night check. I appreciated this very much and I feel like most "dogs" regardless of breed would bark to alert of something very unusual and possibly threatening?

I'm very torn because I really love this dog and in many ways I find it enormously less stressful living with him than living with my shepherds. I've had 2 shepherds with terrible stomachs with long term, very expensive and difficult treatments for IBD or food allergies. The shepherds are also such empaths with the people, if there is any human emotion the shepherds just magnify it, where my lab does not seem effected by human emotion that much. He just is who he is no matter what else is going on if that makes sense.

All this rambling to ask you folks who have probably had more labs than me:

1. Are any labs decent watch dogs? I don't mean having any aggression, or actually protecting the home, I mean would they at least give a good deep bark if something sketchy was going on-- say a stranger behaving unusually near the house or at the door

2. Have you known people to ever be intimidated by your lab? Do you think they are any sort of a deterrent just by being a big dog.

Curious to hear anyone's input on this! And here is my good boy.
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