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I want to access my Yahoo mail through Outlook. I went to Yahoo answers & found these instructions:


The problem is, every time I try & send or receive mail, I get this:

I already ticked the "remember my p/w" earlier & done everything else to the letter on that page so why can't I get in? When I re-enter my p/w in that box & hit OK, it just pops straight back up & it won't let you tick the "remember my p/w" box. :mad:

What else do I have to do? :confused:

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First tip - get rid of the Remember Password bit. If you need to change your password it can be difficult to remove the one that Outlook remembers.
If you click on the OK button, even repeatedly, what happens?
Also, check the error tab for details, see if you can find out if there's any errors showing up somewhere.


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