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Coma Kitten -Updated at top of thread

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let you know that dear Kitten Little, Stevie, Wonder, Coma Kitten, CK, aka Calvin died this afternoon. He had been resting quite comfortably and was well hydrated. We were a little optimistic that he might pull through. But he drifted away.
The staff at the vet clinic were devastated - many of them have not stuggled so hard to keep somebody going before - to lose the kitten was pretty disheartening.
He will be buried at our weekend place with a large rock for people to rest on beside him.
He was a brave little soul.
He will be missed.
(yes that's him in my avatar)
Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers - he is in a much better place now and you gave me the strength to pass on to the folks who needed it so badly.

Original post:
I am still not sure if this is a happy or sad thread but CK could use some healing JL energy so I figure I'll tell his story now - I can always update!

About a month ago ... a little more than that actually
a little kitten got stepped on .. he was non responsive so his humans put him out on their back porch to die - we are talking about a tiny - eyes not open yet orphan

a neighbourhood cat came across him before he could freeze to death and picked him up and took him home with her

the people at that house were HORRIFIED and rushed the baby to the vets. They couldn't pay for care but at least they did the right thing. The vet was quite sure the kitten would die but didn't seem distressed. The kitten was unreposnsive but warm and breathing well. So the vet kept the baby warm and watched. By the next day the kitten would lap formula off the end of the syringe (he never did learn to nurse)but apart from that remained unresponsive. Within a few days he reacted to light and his physio although one leg was a little different to the rest of his limbs.
A few nights into this drama the kitten seized - the vet called me to discuss euthanasia and we decided to go ahead. (She called me because I have had hundreds of orphans over the last 15 years). She couldn't do it. He was very groggy and out of it for quite awhile. He moved to our house a couple of weeks ago and I have been packing a small kitten with me - despite knowing he must be at least 6 weeks old he is no bigger than a month old kitten and much slower than most 4 week olds are.

His recovery has been painfully slow - as is typical of brain injuries. He takes one step forward then two back then three forward. Last week he could eat on his own with prompting; tonight he has lost that ability. He needs good energy - he is a dear little soul who has already used up way too many of his 9 lives. He's a cute little tabby (oh did I mention - one of his seizures seems to have caused a loss of vision - he's blind - for now anyhow!)

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Good thoughts for kitty today and everyday. I know that one day we will see pictures and hear how great baby kitty is doing. What a blessing you are. You will be rewarded.

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I've been avoiding this thread like the plague, but it pulled me in anyway. I'm so sad for that little kitten. :(

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