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City Dog tags.. How much?

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How much does your city (town, village, etc) charge for your yearly dog tags?

For Tuck, who is neutered and microchipped, it's only $15. After Feb 28, I think that goes up to $35.

For a neutered/spayed, but with no microchip it is $25.

I just got Tucker's today. ;)
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hmmm...interesting question...*goes off to look*

Is that for one year or 3?
You mean for their license? WOW, that's alot!!! Our are $9 each for spayed/neutered, $11 if not.
$9.50 if spayed/neutered. $50 if not.
Our tags just increased from $3.00 to $5.00.
That's for the 3 year rabies tag.
We don't need a license here. Dogs are required to have their rabies shot though (which means they have to have all their shots). The rabies are $30 for 3 year vaccines or $15 for one year (at our vet at least). If the dog doesn't have proof if vaccination (if they happen to bite anyone/another animal), there's HEAVY fines involved.
For a city dog license it's $10 (altered) $30 (unaltered). I don't think it's required though, at least I hope not. Neither of our girls are licensed, but they do have their rabies tags and certificates.
Our fees are $19/35/49 for a 1/2/3-year license for a spayed/neutered dog. For an intact dog, it's $36/69/98.
$25 for fixed, $50 for intact. Pretty expensive for a piece of brass jewellry.
Registration Fees

Regular dog or cat: $30
Spayed/Netered dog or cat: $15
Senior Citizens (age 55+) with a dog or cat: $15 per animal
There is a late charge of $10 after January 31, 2008
There is no fee to register personal assistance/service dogs with a valid certificate.
Please note that proof of spaying/neutering is required for the reduced fee.

Fine = $105
Last year our village stopped charging for dog tags and instead increase the vehicle sticker fee!
$31 for spayed/neutered, $50 for not. And it's a yearly fee. Sucks. When we lived in Mississauga, if your dog was spayed/neutered, you paid only once and got a lifetime tag.
5 years ago the ciy stopped issuing dog licenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Couldn't enforce it?????????????????


Rabies shots still required, but unless dog bites someone it goes ignored.
$10 for an intact male.
$2 to do the transaction online and receive the tag in the mail.

So it costs me $12/yr for Wes.
Last year our village stopped charging for dog tags and instead increase the vehicle sticker fee!
That we do have! Ours is expensive too. My 3 year old car was $325 last year, and hubby's 20 year old truck was $30 this year. His truck isn't so bad, but the car hurts when it's due.
No city licenses here, but we do have to have county dog licenses. For 2009, unaltered dogs are $8.00 per year, altered are $6.00.

When I got Lexi 4 years ago, I was able to get her a "Lifetime License" since she is micro-chipped. That cost me $31.00. It is great since I don't have to worry about renewing & in one more year, I will break even on it.
I'm in the same city at Jefferson'n'Ted I just got Zeus's it was $9.50 since he's fixed. They just raised it I think it used to be $9 for fixed and $35 for unaltered pets but when they passed the new dog laws they upped it. I know only like 15% of the city's dogs are licenced though so it's such a joke they can't inforce.
I pay $10 for a "kennel" license and that give me 10 tags.
Zip, Nada, Zilch

I pay enough in property taxes the way it is.
Zoe was $7 for a spayed female. She is microchipped but that didn't make a difference in the cost. After March 1st it's $30. I think for unaltered dogs the cost is $30 regardless.
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