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Well I do not know where to start. The tests we ran today, including u/s did not show any tumors or masses in anywhere.
But what we did find was that her blood glucose level was a bit high, the wall of her small intestine was very thick and not functioning very well and that her gall bladder was enlarged and sludgie.
One or the other symptom can be one or several different things or multitudes of things.
Pancreatic disease (though on u/s it did not show anything), a diseased small intestine.... what it is right now, what is causing what, if one is causing the other, or a by-product of another... we don't know.
It seems she may suffer chronic inflammatory bowel disease but is that a result of her other issues or the cause of them or just independent.
And the small intestine thing could be related to the gall bladder problem. Or NOT!
Kinda chicken and the egg.
We faxed the results and findings to my vet who I will see tomorrow and see where we go from here.
Where do we go from here :confused: :(:(
So while no cancer, masses or tumors....inconclusive.
I've had a very emotionally exhausting day. I literally when from her vet appointment and hearing her news, to a memorial service and I am drained.

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So sorry Kim. My best thoughts for you and Cinder.

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I'm so sorry that Cinder's tests are so inconclusive; from personal experience I know how stressful that can be. Here's hoping that they come up with answers and easy remedies to what ever actually 'ails' her.

In the meantime I would strongly suggest no vaccines (labels say for HEALTHY DOGS ONLY) and especially no rabies vaccine.

I tried linking to the JL archives form March, '08, but the page won't load, so I will 'copy & past' the info.

"""Inflammatory bowel disease is one of the adverse side affects associated with vaccination, and for those of you whose dogs have chronic diarrhea that your veterinarian has been unable to diagnose the cause of, please read the information below.

From Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats, (Dr. Pitcairn is a DVM with a Ph.D. in veterinary immunology) Under "Vaccination: Replacing Acute Illness with Chronic Disease," p. 274-275: "While immunosuppressive states are not common in dogs, reports of their occurrence are on the rise. I believe the massive vaccination program for canine parvovirus, which began some thirty plus years after we began vaccinating cats with feline parvovirus (panleuokpenia virus), is creating this situation in dogs. .... we have been seeing inflammatory bowel disease in dogs over the past five to ten years. Prior to this it was virtually nonexistent. I am certain that vaccination for parvovirus and coronavirus is a major cause. I commonly see inflammatory bowel disease that arises within a month or two after vaccination for one of these

If you click on this link http://www.angelfire.com/biz/froghollerfilas/VaccBlanco.html, you will be taken to an article by Dr. Dee Blanco entitled, Vaccines - Are They Safe for Your Dog? in which she states under the What Are the Adverse Reactions, If Any? that "Some of the illnesses you are familiar with include any auto-immune disease such as lupus, red cell aplasia, auto-immune hemolytic anemia cardiomyopathies; neoplasias such as fibrosarcomas, mast cell tumors, thyroid tumors, etc.; inflammatory bowel disease, eczematous ears, any dermatological condition, warts, lipomas, poor hair coats, stomatitis, periodontal disease, thyroid disease, and the list goes on and on. " are linked to vaccination.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Dr. Kay McGuire DVM http://www.westieclubamerica.com/health/inflammatoryboweldisease.html " Lymphocytic-Plasmacytic Inflammatory Bowel Disease is the most common IBD and thought to be due to allergic reactions within the bowel and throughout the digestive tract. The wall of the large intestine is invaded by the individual’s own inflammatory cells in response to some triggering antigen. The antigen may be initiated by food hypersensitivity, insect stings, and even vaccines."

Immune-Mediated Intestinal Disease Dr. Edward J. Hall http://www.vin.com/proceedings/Proceedings.plx?CID=WSAVA2007&PID=18136&O=Generic from the 2007 World Small Animal Veterinary Association's 32nd Congress

Excellent information on veterinary vaccines is available at the links below:

Duration of Immunity to Canine Vaccines: What We Know and Don't Know, Dr. Ronald Schultz http://www.cedarbayvet.com/duration_of_immunity.htm

World Small Animal Veterinary Association 2007 Vaccine Guidelines http://www.wsava.org/SAC.htm Scroll down to Vaccine Guidelines 2007 (PDF)

The 2003 American Animal Hospital Association's Canine Vaccine Guidelines are accessible online at http://www.leerburg.com/special_report.htm .

The 2006 American Animal Hospital Association's Canine Vaccine Guidelines are downloadable in PDF format at http://www.aahanet.org/PublicDocumen...s06Revised.pdf .

Veterinarian, Dr. Robert Rogers,has an excellent presentation on veterinary vaccines at http://www.newvaccinationprotocols.com/ """


"""There's more information on inflammatory bowel disease here:

2007 World Small Animal Veterinary Association 32nd Congress http://www.vin.com/proceedings/Proceedings.plx?CID=WSAVA2007&PID=18136&O=Generic

Immune-Mediated Intestinal Disease Dr. Edward J. Hall

Kris """

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I'm sorry things aren't working out yet. I know it's very stressful for both you and Cinder.

Spud has IBD, and it's not easy to deal with, but it is definitely controllable. He hasn't had a flare up since he was diagnosed with is a year ago. Well, except for that one time he ate poop at day care and threw it up. That got his IBD going!

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I'm so sorry, I hope you can get some answers soon.

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I'm so sorry, Kim. That has to be so frustrating. I am glad it's not cancer though.

Kisses to Cinder...
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