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Chocolate labs are crazy beause...

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Ok - I have heard many "reasons" why the chocos are more hyper/crazy (I stick to my personal belief that it is because of breeders breeding for color rather than "big picture" including temperment, health, structure as well) but this was a first:

Because the color chocolate was introduced to the breed thru the pointer (GSP specifically) - back when the breed was being developed. So the "color gene" is attacked to "crazy pointer" gene I guess ;)

Pretty sure pointers were not invovled in the making of the lab but does anyone have a link of what breeds were? I have some histories of the breed but nothing that talks about breeds that were used.
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I think I remember something called the "St. John's Water Dog" or something like that...
The breed itself was started from the St Johns waterdog but there were other breeds used in its development. The chocolate gene was said to come in a few ways--- Flat Coats, Chessies and yes, Pointers.
There is a chocolate lab that runs away from his house to come visit my yellow lab. He is VERY hyper and just wiggles all over the place. The first time I saw him I could barely read the number on his collar to call his owners. Definitely not like my yellow who is pretty laid back.
no help here, but our behaviorist calls the chocolates the "caffeinated version"
I don't have chocolate, nor will I ever. However, I've seen some whacked out chocolates and I've seen some nice ones. Nicole's Darwin is one that comes to mind as a nice one. I've seen whacked out Labs of all colors.

The GSP, if used, is so far back that its influence would be about nil. Just as the supposed cross with Rottie after WWII. I think you're more than likely correct in assuming that the reason you might see more is due to breeding strictly for color with some breeders.
Here in BC, it seems that a lot of chocolates come from field lines, which might explain the higher activity level. I'm not sure if that holds true for other parts of the continent, though.
My chocs are mellower on average than my blacks-- it just really depends on the lines behind them. ;)
My chocs are mellower on average than my blacks-- it just really depends on the lines behind them. ;)
You want to take my Kai to mix things up a bit?
Hershey Kisses has something to say.

Who are you calling hyper? Just because I like to chase down balls and bring them back? Over, and over, and over?
You obviously haven't met Nash the Yellow Lab. He makes me look lazy. Just because I like to run through the field with another dog whenever I get the chance? Ummm! The other dog is often a Yellow or Black Lab. Just because I get bored after dinner sometimes, and bring a ball into the kitchen and drop it on the floor to play? Hey, You told me my job was to get you exercise. What's this bit about me not being smart. Did YOU forget?

I think some of you need to head to a dog park a few times and observe behaviors of different dogs, specifically Black,Yellow, and Chocolate Labs. I believe that you will find a pretty even distribution of hyper, lazy, moderate, appearing to be smart, appearing the be retarded, and everything in between. I also believe that if you spend some time around the retarded ones, you will see a strong corrollation between them and their handlers.

FWIW, I do believe the field bred tend to be a bit more hyper, and a bit lighter in general build which may attribute to some of that energy.
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yeah my friend who's in 3rd year Vet College seems to think chocolates are always the crazy ones... but yeah it totally depends on the breeding. our chocolate is pretty chill...
my yellow is as hyper as can be. i hope she calms down some as she gets older but i'm not holding my breathe
Those are old wive´s tales. My Choco Brownie could retrieve balls all day long and not get tired but that´s because she just had a very strong retrieve drive (which all labs should, since that´s what they were bred for). But the moment I decided it was time to calm down she would mellow and take a nap.

Misha and Muffin (both yellow) have less drive, but still a lot, and Homer (black) also could retrieve all day long if he didn´t have ED. I think it´s a personality issue regardless of color, but of course if you consider bybs who only breed for color, then all these problems occur, but it´s not a chocolate color thing it is a poor breeding thing.
Saba is one of the most laid back labs you'll know. Nothing bothers him, he has been out of his crate since he was 6 months old, that's how good & calm he is. But he sure has energy when he plays!
Chocolate-schmoclet - colour has nothing to do with it.
I just want to know why Laura is so hating on our chocolates:tongue1:
Bauer is extremely laid back.
I just want to know why Laura is so hating on our chocolates:tongue1:
I'm not hatin'. They're just not for me.
I'm not hatin'. They're just not for me.
Hope you know I was just jokin around:)
I have seen some crazy labs in all three colors. I have a chocolate and she is very laid back. I often get told how calm and well behaved she is...the vet and trainer I used also told me this. Of course when I take out the tennis ball she gets crazy, but don't most labs when it comes to playing fetch??
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