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Hi everyone! Chaos has a new sister. She's a lovely black and is almost one year old (next month). Her name is Perla or I call her Pearlie Sue. She is awesome, sweet, very smart, a little timid, and drop dead gorgeous. ALOT more calm than Chaos......did I say ALOT...seriously, ALOT. Chaos is the energizer bunny X 1000. She loves to carry anything around in her mouth. Comes quickly when called. Sits. Downs for a treat. Crates up nicely when told and even when not told sometimes. She walks well on the leash and follows commands for my daughter, Erin (just turned 5...in pictures with dogs) Erin lays with her and loves her up and she's just cool with that. She's eating well. Seems to drink more water than Chaos. I'll watch that. She's got all her shots and a clean bill of health. She does need spaying so that will happen soon. I feel a real bond with her for some reason and I can see it in her eyes as well. I think we are supposed to be together. Does that sound stupid? There's just something about her. Sorry for rambling. She's a great girl and I'm proud to be her new mommy. Thanks for reading and looking.


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