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Celebrity spotting in Toronto

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Well, kinda celebrities anyway.

Yesterday during his lunch hour, Brendan called and said he saw Jerry O'Connel and Rebecca Romijn. They were walkng right next to him with their twins. He then said "DO they have twins?" LOL.

Then on people.com today I saw this:

This was taken yesterday in Toronto. Kinda funny.
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is the shorts and teeshirt him?

and who are they?
I would have loved to have a stroller like that when I had my twins!!! I had this big double stroller that was so bulky and the twins carriers faced each other.

That's pretty cool about your friend!!!
Oh that's really cool, Aim. Brendan didn't take their pic? :)
I really love the 2 of them together. However, I still find it absolutely unbelievable that he played Vern in Stand By Me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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