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Univ of Penn owns and operates the nation's only Canine Bloodmobile. They are currently having a terrible shortage of blood products. If we can get 10 dogs to donate, they will send their bloodmobile out to us to collect from the dogs.
Dogs have to be ages 1-6, healthy, good temperaments, not on any prescription medications, not in heat, over 55 pounds.
They must be on heartworm prevention pills and free from any ticks and or fleas.

I can get 5 dogs, for sure, to participate. Is there anyone close to Bucks County that would want to participate? If we don't get 10, I'll be taking my 3 down to U of P to donate anyway but it would be nice if we could get 10 and have them come to us.
You get a case of Science Diet for donating. They spend approx 300$ per dog to process the blood and enter your dog into their database. Then every 6 months, they will come back and repeat the collection.

Post here or PM me if you are interested. I really do not know when they are available to come out. I know a weekend day would be the most convenient for most of you, but I don't know what their schedule is. I'll find out and post it here in an update. But just wanted to see if we could get 5 more dogs to make this happen.

Here is the site if you want to read about the program.
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