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Can your dog see what's on TV?

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I'd be interested to know if, and what your dog(s) may see on television.

People still debate the subject, but after having http://lifewithdogs.blogspot.com/2009/01/celine-dion-is-not-dog.html"]this horrible experience[/url] I know better.

She was the first that could see TV, and we have shared our lives with many dogs.
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Nellie is not interested in TV but my first lab/golden mix loved to watch tennis matches. She would try and grab the ball. :laugh: She also loved animal shows. She once sat for an hour watching National Geographic show on polar bears.
I posted this a while back ! It was initially the noise ( barking ) that alerted him, but looking at the TV he saw movement and was fascinated.

I would love to say he watched the whole movie but I can't !

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I'm pretty sure Caleb sees more on TV than I've ever given a dog credit for seeing. Even with the sound muted, he'll stop what he's doing and watch animals on TV, especially dogs. What really surprised me was the day I was watching the Ducks Umlimited show. The sound of the ducks caught his attention, but the surprising part was when he followed the ducks that were shot fall from the sky instead of watching the ones that were making the noise and flying away.
Morgan attacks the tv for dogs, cats, any other animals...and running black people - not whites for some reason...If he knows the theme music for a show that has any of the above, and is upstairs, he comes running down hell for leather when it plays, barking in prep for what's to come.

The old TCS commercial - 2 winters ago? - where the choc lab ***** was in heat (selling fiencing) was a hoot-to this day he hears the TSC jingle and goes ape!
Mine glance up occasionally if something catches their ears or eyes but not very often.
Otis has never paid attention to the television, not even to the noise even if it's barking dogs. Kacey will watch TV. The noise, always animals, will grab her attention first and then she'll watch, but not for an extended period of time.
Brooklyn isn't really interested, but Remy watches. They both perk up when we have Animal Planet's funniest animals on. Remy has actually chased animals on the tv. And Remy loves the food network...he wants us to get smell-o-vision.

Oh, wait...Brooklyn is a huge Gene Kelly fan. Whenever he gets hoofing she gets off the couch and scoots right up near the tv. Fred Astaire? Not so much.
Teddy and Ivy will react occasionally to a doorbell ringing or a dog barking...otherwise they are not interested at all. The TV does not exist for Emily, as far as she is concerned.
They don't seem to notice it except when a dog barks...then they all start barking too.

The cats love tv though. They get right next to the screen and try to paw insects, birds, etc... on nature shows.
For some reason Motu is fascinated by Monk. He also likes CSI Miami.
I think Sadie watches more tv than I do :laugh:
They both watch TV. They will get interested when there are dogs, birds, rabbits and sports (mostly tennis, hockey and soccer) on TV (anything they also like in real life). If the animals move quickly Jenica will run to the TV and follow them. Diesel will sit up and stare until Jenica starts barking, then he has to join her in front of the TV.

What impressed me most was when we had an ad on TV that included a rabbit (Telus?) and Jenica just loved it. Every time the rabbit moved she would run to the TV and stare at it. After a few weeks we took her onto the subway and above the windows they had a print ad (same rabbit). When Jenica noticed it she did not stop staring at it (with one woof) until we left the subway.
Maple1 said:
He also likes CSI Miami.
It's David Caruso. Motu finds his voice.... very.... soothing.
Tucker DEFINITELY watches tv...when he is in the tv room, he is always facing the tv in when he lies on my bed at night and the tv is on, he is always facing it...I also noticed when he was younger and I would leave him home alone he would get into MAJOR trouble and would always end up back in his crate...I started leaving the tv on and since then I think he just chills on the couch and watches it while I am gone.
Mine will watch occasionally. Glad your blog is back!
Homer loves animal planet. He gets scared when animals fight on tv, the other day we were watching the dog whisperer and he got scared when the dogs started fighting. Other times he just watches very interested and sometimes will respond by running to the tv and then looking around with a "what´s going on" face when nothing really happens
Well I'm glad it's not just me! :D

I'll still never understand why Celine got her hackles up....
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