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Can I just say that we love our vet?

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So last night we are finishing up a late dinner, around 9 p.m., and my cell rings. This is unusual, since no one calls me. It's my vet, calling from home. "Hi, sorry to call at such a late hour, but I wanted to follow up on Theo, because I've been worrying about him. I've been thinking about his case, and . . . " He has several ideas and plans for follow-up. We talk for about fifteen minutes. Wow. What a nice guy!

Fifteen minutes later (it's now 9:30), phone rings again. "Hi, it's Steve again. One more thing. Theo has had seizures, so we can't 100% rule out paresthesia. I was looking at some research recently . . . " We talk for another fifteen minutes.

I'm sure he must drive his family crazy, but boy are we lucky to have him!
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Your vet sounds wonderful. Oh, and glad to hear Theo is doing better.
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