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Can I just say that we love our vet?

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So last night we are finishing up a late dinner, around 9 p.m., and my cell rings. This is unusual, since no one calls me. It's my vet, calling from home. "Hi, sorry to call at such a late hour, but I wanted to follow up on Theo, because I've been worrying about him. I've been thinking about his case, and . . . " He has several ideas and plans for follow-up. We talk for about fifteen minutes. Wow. What a nice guy!

Fifteen minutes later (it's now 9:30), phone rings again. "Hi, it's Steve again. One more thing. Theo has had seizures, so we can't 100% rule out paresthesia. I was looking at some research recently . . . " We talk for another fifteen minutes.

I'm sure he must drive his family crazy, but boy are we lucky to have him!
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Wow, I'm impressed. I love our vets here (the office is owned by 5 women vets), but that sounds really exceptional.

I had a vet in CA (very small town) who gave me his home number when my oldest cat got very sick, and he called to see how both of us were doing. Great guy. Had I stayed there, I'd still be taking my animals to him.
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