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Here are a few more from our camping. The dogs did get a bit of off leash fun in the camp but it was before we realized they had to be on lead. Poor Petey didn't like that at all for the most part. Today when we were packing up, we let Petey walk around with us. He was so grateful. Indi had a few hours the first night when we got there and Petey would have too but they were so excited we didn't want them to take off after an animal together. Petey was all for hunting and Indi will follow him if he asks her to. ;)

Indi before the lead restriction
"Camping is great!! Did you see this stick? Huh, huh, did you?"

"Yep, I'm not impressed but keep taking those pictures, I dare ya."

"I'm just ignoring you."

"Look at me, all alone, tied up in the middle of nowhere...sure go ahead, take my picture but make sure it's my pitiful side."

The next day,

When we were loading the van, we looked over and couldn't find Petey. We freaked for a split second before realizing that he had climbed in the van. He gave us this look that said," Yeah, you're not leaving me here." :D
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