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OK...I got my Amazon order the other day and I am officially prepared for the next deer tick Guthrie gets. I have cursed and stomped in frustration at not being able to remove them in the past. They are so tiny and when they latch onto Guthrie his skin it swells up around their mouthpiece making them impossible to remove. I always end up with the mouthpiece imbedded in Guthries skin. It makes me insane.

Hopefully, I will be singing a victory song the next time I find one. I now have the "TiCKed Off" tick remover and the "TICK Key"

Anyone else have experience with either of these removers?

Also, when you find a tick crawling on your dog, what do you do with it? How about when you remove one? How do you dispose of it?

In the past I had always flushed them down the toilet but lately, when I see one crawling on Guthrie, I just take a piece of scotch tape and seal the dang critter inside.
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