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Brandi has a small head?.....Don't laugh. (pics)

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??? Ok, three people today said that my Brandi has a very small head for a lab. What does that mean? Are Labs supposed to have big heads?

She IS a field lab, so I don't expect her to have a blocky head.

She's 4 months, 1 week in these pics.

What do you think?

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Cinnamon's body would grow then her head would catch up and then the cycle repeated itself when she was a puppy.
I think Brandi looks fine! Very pretty!
lol her head does look a little small but I honestly think cuz she's a pup. Like azlab said, her proportions should level out soon. Shes adorable, she just looks like a typcial puppy to me.
Whoever made that comment has no idea about Labs. She is very similar in size, both head and body, to Tal at that age. The same thing is occuring with Tal as azlab described about Cinnamon growth. I agree with Apollopuppy. Brandi looks like a typical Lab puppy.

Brandi is a beautiful puppy and she looks very happy. Next time anyone makes a comment like that to you, give them a poop bag and make them follow you and pick up her poop when she goes.
I think she's beautiful!

Boomer was TOTALLY out of proportion when he was that age..honestly, it's like teenagers/pre-teens. Has anyone ever seen a pre-teen that looks proportional!?

She looks totally normal for a pup her age! Her legs look thick..could be an indication of size? Maybe that's why someone thought her head looked small.

She's so cute!!
Her head's not small. Her legs are just in a long, growing phase. My Annie looked just like that, but the body and head caught up with her legs just fine. She's a young adolescent. If you think back, how many of us were perfectly porportioned in middle school? :-[

Brandi is beautiful, in my opinion. She is perfect in every way!!! ;D
Brandi is getting so big! She's beautiful! I used to think summer's head looked small for her body but her head finally caught up. She got tall quick like brandi!
Don't worry, she's a doll! she'll even out eventually. lol I think puppies are the cuteste because they aren't proportioned right lol, that's what makes 'em so endearing lol!
I was never worried ;D But it's comforting to know that she's growing "normal".

Thank you all for your compliments. 8)
Awww she's gorgeous! AND she's growing. Her head will catch up on her body eventually. So just normal puppy growth. ;)
I am sure she will fill out in time.

One of my boys had a 'small' head for a while but he really filled out and its big and blockier. ;D
Trickster said:
I am sure she will fill out in time.

One of my boys had a 'small' head for a while but he really filled out and its big and blockier. ;D
Are you calling your dog a block head? :eek: ;D
Dakota's head always looks small. He is a field lab and his counter part Zoey is a bench style labby. So by default Dakota head looks so small.

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She's just gorgeous! :-* :-*
She's just beautiful!
Yeah, dogs body parts grow at different rates and they eventually grow into them - if you know what I mean.

Her head does look small compared to her body - but honestly, it's not that much. I probably wouldn't have noticed it at all if you hadn't asked.

Wait a year and see....
Gorgeous! Her head is not small she just has big ears! :-*

My poor Maggie has such small ears nobody even thinks she's a lab.
same here..Dakota's head looks small compared to his body..I figured it would catch up eventually! LOL
He's about 18 weeks.. Jackie ::)
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